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New Reports Indicate Obama Administration Hid Info On Gun Scandal

By Brock Swinson | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-06-08

Former AG Holder Lied To Victim’s Family Former Attorney General Holder lied to the family of a murdered Border Patrol Agent about the weapons used in the attack.

According to new reports, the weapons were given to the Mexicans from the Obama administration.

Terry Family | Photo Credit Facebook

The new information comes from investigated emails. One deputy general said, “It’s a tricky case, given the number of guns that have walked, but it is a significant set of prosecutions.”

Another colleague replied, “It’s not going to be any big surprise that a bunch of US guns are being used in Mexico, so I’m not sure how much grief we get for “guns walking.”

Obama Administration Hides Info On Mexican Gun Scandal

Fox News reports:

“Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry died in December 2010, killed by guns tied to an Obama administration plan that armed Mexicans—a scandal officials tried to hide by wrongly claiming executive privilege.“

“Emails contained in the House Oversight Committee’s report show top officials knew guns were sent to Mexican, even before Terry’s death. Two of the “guns walking” were used against Terry.”

Terry’s mother and even the Border Patrol agents that Terry worked with believe that if he knew guns were walking, he may still be alive today.

New Information On Terry’s Killer

Border Patrol Agent Terry | Photo Credit Fox News

NBC reports:

“Authorities have arrested a suspected gunman in the 2010 killing of a U.S. Border Patrol agent, which exposed the bungled Fast and Furious gun-tracking operation, law enforcement sources familiar with the investigation confirmed to NBC News.”

“Heraclio Osorio-Arellanes is seen in an FBI Wanted poster. FBI Heraclio Osorio-Arellanes was arrested in Mexico Wednesday in a joint operation of Mexican and American law enforcement agencies, the sources said.”

“Osorio-Arellanes is accused of pulling the trigger on the gun that killed 40-year-old U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry during a firefight on the Arizona side of the U.S.-Mexico border in December 2010.”

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