History Teacher Suspended for Discussing School Safety With Students

Cherry East High School
Cherry Hill High School East senior Sammy Miller spoke to the board and praised suspended history teacher Timothy Locke. | Photo credit Philly.com

According to New Jersey leftists, not only is the NRA dangerous but so are war veterans turned history teachers who would protect students in a mass shooting. In fact, they think Timothy Locke is mentally unstable.

Timothy Locke, an Iraq war veteran, spends his days teaching Advanced Placement History at Cherry Hill High School East. He enjoys offering his students lessons centered on the past, co-mingled with real-world experiences.

So, it’s no surprise that Locke talked openly with students about the recent mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL. It’s an important issue and he wanted the teens to know that he would protect them if that ever happened at their school.

It’s that offer of protection that may cost Locke, a beloved and respected educator, his 17-year career.

According to Fox News Radio Host Todd Starnes, the principle called Locke to the office on February 22, after a student complained about his comments. School officials then proceeded to search his bag after which they suspended him from teaching.

Mentally Unstable?

Timothy Locke
Cherry Hill High School East students walk out in support of teacher Timothy Locke

Worse still, the administration ordered the history teacher to undergo both a physical and psychiatric examination. Speaking to Mr. Starnes parent Eric Ascalon explained Locke’s allegedly controversial remarks.

“During the course of the conversation he indicated that he would protect his students if something like (Parkland, Florida) happened here,” said Ascalon. “He was raising safety concerns about the school with the students. And the intent of his statement (was that) he would protect his students at all costs.”

Wow, send him directly to a padded room and don’t forget the straight jacket. Of course, we’re talking about the principle, not the teacher. Locke is obviously the sanest one in the bunch at Cherry Hill East High School. 

Suffice it to say, approaches like this are the reason America’s school are less safe. The children run amok while teachers are restrained. Especially educators who aren’t cogs in the liberal propaganda machine.

Locke now as an attorney and plans to fight the suspension. His students, along with the mayor, protested his suspension at a school board meeting on Monday.