Muslims Appalled 

Photo credit: Indy Star Isn’t it funny how when liberals make “jokes” about the president or mock Christianity, conservatives are told to have a sense of humor? Better still, the left is constantly touting that “free speech” entitles them to label us as “Islamaphobic” simply because they don’t want to hear the truth about radical Islam. What they hate the most, however, is when the tables are turned on them.

That is exactly what a group of anonymous “patriotic Americans” is doing in Indiana with a new billboard on Interstate 465. The title is The Perfect Man, and it outlines historical facts about the Muslim prophet Muhammad. Specifically, it lists six of his more notable characteristics including:

  1. Married 6-year-old
  2. Slave owner & dealer
  3. Rapist
  4. Beheaded 600 Jews in one day
  5. 13 wives, 11 at one time
  6. Tortured and killed unbelievers

The Indianapolis Star traced the billboard back to the company, Lighthouse Impressions, and they spoke with a partner, Don Woodsmall. Woodsmall acknowledged that he sold the ad to the group whom he said had been “denied advertising by national companies.” “Their desire, born out of love and not hate, is to launch a national conversation,” Woodsmall said in a statement. He also pointed out that, like or not, the billboard is…

Painfully Accurate

Photo credit: Indiana Interchurch Center

The billboard notes on the bottom, that its intent is to “educate truthophobes.” Woodsmall seemed to have gone above and beyond to verify the facts before he sold the ad. “After talking to a half-dozen Islamic scholars, and receiving and reviewing numerous citations from Islamic law and literature, I was convinced that each point listed on the billboard was historically and factually true,” Woodsmall continued.

Naturally, liberals and Muslims are outraged at the display. The Muslim Alliance of Indiana described it as “an attack on all Muslims,” in an interview with KRTV in Indianapolis. “At any point, this would have been highly offensive, but we’re in the holiest month of our faith when we slow down and reconnect with our communities,” said Executive Director Rima Shahid.

Indiana Senator, Todd Young, who is a Republican, denounced the billboard in a tweet saying “This is beneath us -disturbing and divisive. Displays like this incite and offend rather than educate.”

Seems the senator missed the Nazi-esque Trump billboard erected in Phoenix a few months ago.

Oh, wait, that was just free speech, right?

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