Native Americans On Dangerous Mission To Cause Historical Destruction


A new wave of historical destruction is on the horizon and it’s looking to topple dead U.S. presidents. Native American activist groups are on the rise and are hoping to erase offensive monuments that they claim only serve as painful reminders. 

William McKinley statue
Photo credit | Mad River Union

First, they came for Southern history. Leftist revisionists took aim at Confederate statues and memorials around the country, blaming them for their lot in life. In their indoctrinated minds, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson promote racism and hate.

Meanwhile, Margaret Sanger and Vladimir Lenin don’t, in their view.

Nevertheless, allowing the destruction of historical monuments sets a dangerous precedent. Why? Because it won’t end there. Sooner or later, progressives will deem everything about America’s history as offensive. At least, everything they don’t agree with. 

For instance, officials in Arcata, California are planning to remove a statue of President William McKinley. The Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous People called for the removal because McKinley “savaged, raped, and killed” and promoted “settler colonialism.”

Back in February, the city council voted four-to-one to take down the 112-year old bronze statue. Mayor Sofia Pereira compared the council’s decision to those made by other cities concerning Confederate memorials.

“Is there a difference between honoring McKinley and Robert E. Lee?” she said to the Los Angeles Times.

While this a small town and only one statue, LA Times writer Jaweed Kaleem confirmed it’s all part of a larger movement. “This statue of President McKinley-who expanded the American empire though war and annexation-has stood in the small town of Arcata, Calif. since 1906,” he tweeted.

“Now it’s at the center of a national movement to take down monuments offensive to native Americans.”

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