Why My Child Won’t Participate In The March 14th National Walkout For Gun Control

National School Walkout
Women’s March organizers plan a national school walkout on March 14. | Photo credit Truth Revolt

Liberal media and leftist “activists” never let a tragedy go to waste. Using murdered and traumatized children to further a political view or agenda is as trashy as it gets. A national school walkout is scheduled for March 14 and my son won’t be participating. Not because I don’t care about his safety but because I do care. 

CNN, MSNBC, and a host of other major news outlet are happily trotting out traumatized children who survived the Stoneman Douglas school shooting. They attack President Trump, the NRA, and they blame conservatives for the deaths of their friends and classmates.

Similarly, the Women’s March organizers know these students are formidable pawns. After all, whose heart doesn’t break for these children? There is no denying that what they went through was horrific and life-changing. Fear, as you know, is a powerful emotion.

In most cases, it’s powerfully destructive.

Listening to the young people speak about the violence, it seems they went to bed average teenagers and woke-up as constitutional scholars.  They didn’t, of course. What happened is they went from being exposed to a tragic event to becoming victims.

Not victims of a mass shooting but victims of a political game designed by master manipulators.

Protecting the Children

gun control protest
Students protest for gun control in Tallahassee, FL | Photo credit PJ Media

If for no other reason than that, my son will not be walking out of school like so many students will. He is a senior and an 18-year old to boot. Yet despite being an adult legally, he not only welcomes my guidance, he seeks it out.

As a loving mother, my job is to raise my son not to be a victim. Yes, life will victimize him at times. When his grandmother died, his heart broke. It was his first real experience with losing a loved one but it won’t be his last.

The world is full of heartache and tragedy. Some of it is easily explained. Other evils, like school shootings, are not. But one thing is for certain- teaching him to point fingers and assign blame will only ensure he is a victim of every bad circumstance he encounters.

Yes, we must protect the children. But we also must remember that every threat to their lives and futures doesn’t involve a gun.