National Review Writer Slams Achievements Of Reverend Billy Graham

Revered Billy Graham
Reverend Billy Graham passed away on February 21, 2018. | Photo credit NPR

Reverend Billy Graham inspired millions of people around the world to come to Jesus Christ. He was a man of remarkable faith and principle with a legacy that will outlive all of us. That is what makes an attack on his achievements, like the one from National Review writer George Will, so utterly reprehensible.

Just days after Reverend Graham passed away, Will wrote a scathing rebuke titled “Billy Graham: Neither Prophet nor Theologian.” While it’s an odd story coming from a conservative media site, it’s not surprising from a self-proclaimed atheist.

Obviously pandering to leftists, Mr. Will derided the beloved pastor as an “entrepreneurial evangelical who consciously emulated masters of secular communication.” Additionally, he also didn’t resist taking a swipe at Graham’s followers.

“His audiences were exhorted to make a ‘decision’ for Christ, but a moment of volition might be (in theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s phrase) an exercise in ‘cheap grace,’” he wrote. “Graham’s preaching, to large rallies and broadcast audiences, gave comfort to many people and probably improved some.”

Christian Leaders React

President Donald Trump shakes hands with Dallas Pastor Robert Jeffress

A devout Christian, Fox News Radio host Todd Starnes reacted with surprise to Will’s attack. “I would expect to read such anti-Christian mockery in the pages of The New York Times and Washington Post, but not National Review, he wrote. “My, how times have changed.”

In addition to making his feelings known, Mr. Starnes also shared the reactions of other prominent Christian leaders. Among those condemning Will is Robert Jeffress. Jeffress is the pastor at First Baptist Church in Dallas and a spiritual adviser to President Trump.  

“George Will’s article reveals that he is neither a conservative nor a Christian,” Jeffress told the Todd Starnes Radio Show. After reading his article, one might question whether he is even a human being.

Yet, ironically, George Will is exactly the type of person of Billy Graham prayed for daily. He understood, better than most, the unhappiness and anger that often befalls those who don’t have a relationship with Christ. Mr. Will would do well to learn from Graham’s legacy rather than attempting to destroy it.

Reverend Graham’s body will lie in honor at the U.S. Capitol Wednesday and Thursday ahead of his funeral on Friday. President Trump along with several other former presidents are attending the service.