National Fraternal Order of Police Supports Trump


Recently, Trump was endorsed by one of the largest police unions in the country. The Fraternal Order of Police. With more than 330,000 members, Trump just received a lot of support from very loyal Americans. He met with the group back in August and apparently made a very good impression upon the group. Because they recently released a letter officially endorsing Donald J. Trump. You can see the letter below; it’s embedded directly off the group’s Twitter feed.

Apparently Hillary did not endorse the group and lost out on any potential support. Trump on the other hand continued to receive support from several other groups involved with law enforcement. One of which was the National Border Patrol Council. More than 16,500 troops officially support Donald Trump now. Another group to show loyalty to the presidential nominee is the New England Benevolent Association with more than 5,000 agents.

Below is a Link to the Letter the National Fraternal Order of Police Tweeted on Twitter (Embedded from Twitter)



Will more law enforcement groups begin showing their support for Trump? Some liberal comments I read remarked about the disdain some Americans have for police right now. And by them supporting Trump, they’ll likely get more flak from United States citizens. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen someone get arrested unless they were doing something wrong. As much hype as the media throws around about police, the fact remains they risk their lives to help make this country great.

Does Trump Care About the Police?

As for Trump, he’s getting support from the men and women who are on the streets. Officers have first-hand knowledge of what’s going on with this country. They see Trump as their best bet at offering safety and protecting police across the country. They know Trump is the best nominee to help ensure the ones who protect and serve us are also protected and served as well.

The police appreciate Trump because he is brash at times. He also speaks his mind freely without fear of retribution. That’s not a common trait for most politicians and the officers of the country respect that about Trump. Boldness and brashness at times denotes honesty. As for the National Border Patrol, they support Trump because of the changes he will make revolving around immigration in this country. (Source 1.)

The police of this country deserve a commander and chief who has their best interest at heart. Because as of now, Hillary likely doesn’t. With all the stories surfacing about her and Benghazi, stealing money and lying in court to get rapists off, I’m not sure she has anyone’s best interest in heart. In fact, Hillary keeps proving she has animosity for a growing number of Americans.

Why Does the Fraternal Order of Police Support Trump?

National Fraternal Order of Police Supports TrumpAnd that’s one of the reasons most likely, the police of this country will choose Trump over Hillary. They know that Trump not only has Law Enforcement in mind to protect, he also has a deep love for the American People.

Trump may be harsh to some, but if you ask me it’s called being authentic. He just could care less about what Hillary or any of the other liberals, looking to take our guns away has to say. And believe me, there likely isn’t a cop in the country who wants to see our 2nd amendment revoked. What a sad day that would be. It would be the beginning of the end in the eyes of many, me being one of them.

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