ALERT: Democrats’ “Unfiltered Refugees” Bill Going Into Action… Here’s What You Need To Know

Murphy blames Trump for ISIS attacks
Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) is introducing the No Ban on Refugees Act. | Photo credit Patch

Senate Democrats, led by Chris Murphy of Connecticut, are pushing a new bill that will make America a lot less safe. The new legislation not only allows refugees unfettered entrance into the U.S. but blames President Trump for attacks perpetrated by ISIS.

The “No Ban on Refugees Act” prohibits the federal government from banning refugees based on their country of origin. The bill, sponsored by Senator Murphy and eight other liberal lawmakers, was introduced earlier this month.

Even worse than the bill itself, is the senator suggesting Trump’s travel ban is responsible for terrorist attacks. “Trump’s refugee ban puts American lives at risk and it plays right into the hands of our enemies,” said Murphy in a statement.

“There’s no real danger to America from refugees who’ve gone through our vetting system and entered our country. The danger is that we help ISIS recruit lone-wolf terrorists here at home by making clear that they have no place in our society.”


Fact vs. Fiction

ISIS Trump Murphy
Death to America is a frequent chant in predominantly Islamic countries. | Photo credit Cultural Marxism

First, Islamic terrorists don’t kill infidels because they feel unwelcome. They kill because that is what they are taught to do. For that reason alone, they should have no place in our society or any civilized society for that matter. 

Second, it is a proven fact that vetting procedures are not adequate. But, even if they were, they cannot predict intentions. Attacks in San Bernardino, Chattanooga, Orlando, Boston, and New York prove that point.

Lastly, President Trump’s travel ban does not inspire ISIS or Al Qaeda supporters, hate for America does. Prohibiting refugees from countries that openly sponsor terrorism is not discriminatory. It’s about protecting national security, and it’s necessary.

This isn’t the first time Murphy, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has tried to undercut the president. In October, he and 28 other senators introduced a bill to halt the president’s executive order. The move was ultimately unsuccessful.

Fortunately, it’s unlikely the new legislation will pass either. The bill requires 60 votes to clear the Senate, which would mean at least a dozen Republicans would need to support it. If Democrats were to win control of Congress in 2018, it may very well be a different story.