Suffolk County Closing Homicide Cases With MS-13

Suffolk Police Commissioner Tim Sini said that there have been 15 alleged members of the MS-13 Gang (including six under the age of 18) arrested for five murders that happened in 2017, in Suffolk County.

MS-13 | Photo Credit VICE News

Most of these arrests took place on July 13 and Sini also said those arrested were accused of the January 30 shooting of a 29-year-old named Esteban Albardo Bonilla, in addition to four other murders of young men in Central Islip Park.

“Everyone involved in the bodego [shooting] is in custody. We made unbelievable progress in bringing all the perpetrators of the quadruple [homicide] to justice. The investigation remains active,” said the Commissioner.

At Least 17 Gang Members Caught

MS-13 Gang Members | Photo Credit United Gangs

News 12 Long Island writes:

“Ten people have been charged in the quadruple homicide, including the six juveniles. Federal prosecutors have said two girls lured the four young men to the park in a premeditated setup. More than a dozen MS-13 gang members then allegedly surrounded them and attacked them with wooden clubs, knives and machetes. “

“The commissioner’s announcement came after a news conference in Central Islip held by the U.S. Attorney’s Office where more information came out about a 59-page indictment into alleged MS-13 gang members. According to the indictment, 17 member of MS-13 have been charged with crimes going back to 2013.”

“They include the murders of Brentwood teens Nisa Mickens and Kayla Cuevas, as well as other murders in May 2013, July 2014, June 2015 and June 2016. “We won’t tolerate this violence in our schools, our parks or in our neighborhoods,” says acting U.S. Attorney Bridget Rohde.”

MS-13 Caught For Homicide Cases In 2017

MS-13 Youth | Photo Credit Homeland Security

Newsday reports:

“Court papers provided at the news conference said that in addition to the three adult members of MS-13 indicted for the murders of the four young men in the Central Islip park in April six juvenile members have also been charged, but federal proceedings against juveniles — even in murder cases — are sealed, and so the identities of the juveniles were not released.”

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