Horrible Thing Happens To Ivanka When She Gets Back To U.S. After Berlin Visit…


Hostility Towards The First Daughter

Ivanka Trump | Photo Credit CNN

All of a sudden, there’s a lot of hostility falling on the First Daughter, Ivanka Trump. Her visit to Berlin was followed by a wave of insults and general offensiveness that seemed out of proportion seeing as the trip was to promote women’s economic rights.

Obviously, one answer might be that she’s merely the target of animosity meant for her father, President Donald Trump. However, based on the recent insults, it seems like it’s more than just wrongfully aimed hatred.

Blaming The Daughter For Her Father

Trump Family | Photo Credit Deutsche Welle

Fox News reports:

“Some pundits seem to blame her for not transforming the president’s policies, despite the fact that he’s the one who got elected. Even more strangely, some blame her for not speaking out against her dad. During the campaign, when I happened to chat with her a few times, Ivanka was getting pretty good press. And why not? She is a poised and accomplished entrepreneur who handles herself with grace.”

“I get that it’s strange for Ivanka Trump to be a top White House aide and that some people can’t accept that. She originally just wanted to be an informal adviser. But with critics raising conflict questions about her business, Ivanka decided to relinquish that role and take an office in the White House, working with her husband, Jared Kushner, whose role in the administration keeps expanding. (Neither is drawing a salary.)”

Insults And Cheap Shots At Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump | Photo Credit Politico

Many feel like she owes her various business opportunities to her father and that’s an understandable accusation. Both Ivanka and Donald Trump knew nepotism would be a topic of discussion for his presidency.

CNN commentator Amanda Carpenter said, “When I see Ivanka taking on this role, I really see her becoming like Hillary Clinton in the worst ways. She’s sort of becoming increasingly unlikable. She’s trying to get these jobs she’s not qualified for based on family connections.”

Similarly, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews has said that the Trump family is “un-American… untraditional… [and] somewhat weird.” It seems like the feminists behind these various insults would just Ivanka Trump on her roles in the White House, rather than their distaste for her father.

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