In May, Minnesota Lawmakers (read Democrats) opposed a bill that would protect women and children from the archaic Islamic practice of female genital mutilation.

Now, the small town of Belle Plaine is about to make history by becoming home to America’s first public satanic statue.

Photo credit: CBS Worse than the statue itself, however, is where they are placing the “tribute.” It will be located in the town’s Veterans Memorial Park. It’s important to note that the statue is not being placed there by anyone living in Minnesota. The monument, which features an upturned helmet atop a black cube, represents The Satanic Temple.

The devil worshippers are an activist group from Massachusetts, who were offended by a statue of a soldier praying over a grave marked with a cross. Belle Plaine city officials agreed to allow the Temple to place the monument in the park after a religious freedom organization threatened to sue them for free speech violations.

Photo credit: CBS

The cube will be in the designated “free speech zone” of the park, where up to 10 memorials are allowed if they honor veterans. Local resident Donna Karnitz, whose husband was a Vietnam veteran, feels the statue is offensive and does nothing to honor veterans and their families. “It was approved a while back already, and it has not come here,” she said. “I am hoping and praying that it doesn’t come into the park here 

City Councilmember, Cary Coop, voted against the designated free speech area, worried that something like this was inevitable. “I don’t think there’s too many Satanists around here, but it’s free speech,” Coop said. Maybe he’s right. Afterall, very few things in life come without consequences. But is this monument really the price we pay for free speech?

Or is this the price we pay for creating a society in which soldiers are labeled as heartless killers, where God is the enemy, and man has been elevated to the status of savior and redeemer?


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