Border Patrol Captured 3 Mexican Teens Smuggling Lethal Substances


Since President Trump took office, and especially this week, he’s often spoken of the illegal drugs flowing over the U.S. and Mexico border. Last week, three Mexican teenagers were captured by Customs and Border Patrol as they attempted to traffic lethal drugs.

What they had strapped to their bodies could’ve killed thousands of Americans, if not more.

Mexican teens captured with Fentanyl
Photo Credit | ABC Action News

In separate but related incidents, CBP agents arrested two 17-year old boys and one 15-year old boy near the San Ysidro Port of Entry in San Diego, California. The first arrest came on March 30, when agents discovered the first teenager with something odd on his back.

That oddity turned out to be four pounds of Fentanyl worth $141,000 on the street. For those who aren’t aware, Fentanyl is a powerful opioid narcotic that’s 50-100 times worse than heroin. On March 31, border patrol captured the other two teens who were also carrying packages.

During that search, CBP found nine additional pounds of Fentanyl taped to their backs. The street value of that haul is just over $246,000. Customs seized all the drugs and the teens are in the custody of Homeland Security who is investigating the incidents.

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