New Fact About Melania Trump Shocks The Media… Huge Change Since January


It Runs in the Family

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Another day, another Trump family victory. We have covered much of the success that President Trump and first daughter Ivanka have achieved, in spite of the odd against them. Now we can add First Lady, Melania Trump, to the list. A recent poll conducted by CNN/ORC has revealed that 52% percent of Americans view Melania very favorably.

It is important to note that this is a 16% jump from the poll completed in January. Her increase in popularity appears to have grown considerably since she has begun putting herself front and center. The first lady is very committed to both women’s and children’s issues. She is very outspoken about her agenda.

This past week, Melania celebrated World Reading Day by visiting sick children at New York Presbyterian Hospital. She also spoke at a White House luncheon on International Women’s Day. While Melania has not been as visible to the public as prior first ladies, it hasn’t stopped her critics.

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Melania received sharp criticism for her decision to stay in NY so their young son, Barron, could finish the school year. She has also been relentlessly mocked on social media for everything from her clothes to her accent. But, just like her husband and step-daughter, Melania…

Won’t Back Down

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Melania stunned the crowd in Melbourne, FL last month when she opened her speech with the Lord’s Prayer. But it was definitely the speech itself that gave people a glimpse into what kind of First Lady she is. She told the audience:

She told the audience:

I will always stay true to myself, and be truthful to you, no matter what the opposition is saying about me…”

Having spent her younger years living in what was war-torn Yugoslavia, Melania learned to be a survivor. She also learned how to work hard, dream big, and achieve her goals. Many have often compared her beauty and grace with that of Jackie Kennedy.

The poll results were surely devastating to Melania’s opponents but they are like music to the ears for her supporters. There is no greater revenge in the world like a warm smile and loads of success–and great polling numbers.


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