Everyone Can’t Stop Talking About Melania Trump’s Outfit In East Asia…

Melania visits with schoolchildren in Japan. | Photo credit Newsweek

First Lady, Melania Trump, wowed visitors at every stop while visiting Asia with President Trump. From walking along the Great Wall of China to a visit with children at the Beijing Zoo, there was no mistaking how popular she is. Here are some of the best photos from Melania’s visit.

Banchang Primary School

U.S. first lady Melania Trump paints the eyes onto panda figures in a calligraphy class during a visit to Banchang Primary School in Beijing, | Photo credit Greg Baker/AP

Melania, along with China’s Peng Liyuan, made a stop at the Banchang Primary School. During their visit, the two first ladies enjoyed painting eyes onto pandas with students from a calligraphy class. Melania also enjoyed a lesson on telescopes, from students in an astronomy class at the school.

The Great Wall of China

Melania enjoys the view from the Great Wall of China | Daily Mail

Mrs. Trump took the time to admire the view from the Great Wall of China. Wearing a long, tan skirt, black jacket, and ballet flats, the 47-year-old former model took a cable car up to her destination, where she was greeted by an official with the Mutianyu Great Wall Travel Service Co.
After signing the guestbook and receiving a scroll as a gift, Melania took a 30-minute stroll along the Mutianyu section of the long wall – one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. “This is beautiful. This is amazing,” she said according to a US official standing with her on the platform.

The Beijing Zoo

The First Lady hands out plush eagles to Chinese children | Photo credit Daily Caller

Groups of smiling children met the first lady at the Beijing Zoo. Several children waving American and Chinese flags, sang for Melania in Mandarin and English as she clapped along. Afterwards, she presented the kids with plush bald eagles as a thank-you for their performance.


First Lady is photobombed by Meng’er the panda | Photo credit China Daily

A musical performance wasn’t the only highlight of Melania’s visit to the zoo. Children also introduced her to Meng’er the panda. As you can see, the panda (whose name means cute #2) photobombed the first lady. However, that was not the cutest picture of Melania with a panda bear.

Goo-Goo for Melania

First Lady Melania Trump, meets Gu Gu the panda. | Photo credit Twitter

The tradition of giving a panda between the United States and China dates back to 1972. It began when First Lady, Patricia Nixon, mentioned her appreciation for giant pandas during a trip to Beijing with her husband, former President Richard Nixon. 

After learning about Meng’er, Melania stopped for a private visit with Gu Gu. Needless to say, as she learned about his training and nutrition program, Gu Gu looked very captivated by the first lady’s kindness and beauty.

Then again who isn’t?