THIS Is Why Melania Trump’s Christmas Decorations Are Breaking Records

Melania Trump
First Lady, Melania Trump. | Photo credit The Telegraph

Left-wing media outlets seem determined to attack First Lady, Melania Trump, over every little thing. They’ve criticized her shoes, ridiculed her accent, and now, they are bashing her White House Christmas decorations.

This week, the first lady debuted her White House Christmas theme, “Time-Honored Traditions.” Melania shared her excitement about the holiday season on social media, with a video showcasing the breathtaking decorations.

However, it didn’t take long for leftist media to start slamming the décor. While their attacks aren’t surprising, the level of hateful vitriol is quite amazing. If nothing else, the stories serve to prove just how much liberal media despises the Trump family.

Huffington Post and The Daily Beast, highly appropriate names on this occasion, were two of the worst offenders. HuffPo took aim at one chamber hallway lined with glistening white tree branches.  The purpose of the hit-piece was clear in the headline: “Spooky White House Christmas Chamber Is Creeping Everyone The Heck Out.” 

“One chamber in particular is getting attention online for all the wrong reasons,” they wrote.  “It’s a twig-lined hallway that’s being compared to everything from ‘The Shining’ to ‘The Blair Witch Project.'”

Equally as suggestive and disgusting, was The Daily Beast headline: “Step Inside Melania Trump’s Nightmare Before Christmas.” Writer, Tim Teeman, opines that the first lady took her decorating ideas from director, Tim Burton.

“Melania Trump, with what looks like the help of Tim Burton, has designed an anti-Christmas wonderland…,” wrote Teeman. “The only thing missing is a dragon breathing fire, intent on stopping you getting your hands on a magic amulet.”

Bad Tidings

Melania Christmas
First Lady, Melania Trump, shines among the glistening trees in the White House. | Photo credit Saul Loeb/AFP?Getty Images

Now, if you are thinking about reaching for a pitchfork, hold that thought. Because this wasn’t the worst of it. The Beast, couldn’t stop at one story attacking Melania. On the same day, writer Erin Ryan went for the jugular with: “Wow, Melania Trump Must Really Hate Her Life.”

“On Monday, Melania revealed her White House holiday decorations, floating through the East Wing in all white like a distressed spirit trapped between worlds,” Ryan wrote. “She hovered down a corridor flanked with long white branches reminiscent of extremities stripped of their flesh, reaching for something both upward and inward.”

If the first lady is anything like us, then we know exactly what she is reaching for right about now.