Goodbye Alert: Former Democrat Congressman Leaving “Racist” U.S.


Democrat Mel Reynolds served as Congressman for the 2nd District of Illinois in the early 90’s. Twenty years later he says he’s had enough of “racist” America so he’s moving to Africa. Of course, Reynolds will have to finish his prison sentence before he calls the movers.

Mel Reynolds heading back to prison
Photo Credit | AUN-TV

In October 1995, Representative Mel Reynolds left Congress after serving for two years. His career came to an abrupt halt when a court convicted him of statutory rape. The victim was a 16-year old who worked for Reynolds’ campaign.

Shortly after that trial, Reynolds found himself in trouble again. The second time around, a court convicted the ex-congressman of moving money from voter registration drives into his campaign and concealing huge amounts of debt.

Now, the 66-year old from Chicago is heading to prison to serve a six-month sentence. According to Fox News, he failed to file tax returns on nearly $500,000 in income from consulting fees. He was indicted on the charges back in 2015. 

However, Reynolds doesn’t believe he should go to prison for tax fraud. Representing himself in the case, he argued it was unfair to consider his prior convictions when determining a sentence on the four misdemeanor counts of not filing tax returns.

In fact, Reynolds believed that being a father of three and serving briefly in the military, should’ve earned him a pass on prison. “The question is how long does a person have to pay for mistakes?” Reynolds asked about the older crimes. “I wasn’t just living my life as a wheeler-dealer.”

Apparently, he wasn’t busy learning not to be a criminal either. Which we’re guessing is why the judge didn’t buy his song and dance. “It’s a tragedy that you squandered the opportunities you had and the type of person you could have become,” Judge Robert Gettleman said.

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