Denial is an amazing thing, and so is the river in Egypt.

Apparently, the mainstream (there’s that river talk again) media, believes Donald Trump is still running for president. I think they’re stuck in a past where November 8th hasn’t occurred yet. 

As Kellyanne Conway was describing Trump’s effectiveness on America’s Newsroom she noted, “A lot of folks in the media, frankly, are running stories as if it’s October and not December.”

KellyAnne Conway (Credit: Twitter - KellyAnnePolls)KellyAnne Conway (Credit: Twitter – KellyAnnePolls)

Conway’s interview focused on the “stopgap” budget bill vote. Trump’s Transition Team Senior Advisor, was asked if a waiver for getting the president-elect’s nominee for Defense Secretary, James MadDog Mattis, would be a part of that bill.

She said she hoped so, as do many in this country. Draining the swamp means putting an end to the foot-dragging that goes on in DC.

Conway’s statement represents a growing concern among many that support Trump. They fear many Dems in the Senate will do anything to hamstring the new administration’s effectiveness.

Do They Really Want to Go There?

Former Senate Leader, Harry Reid, set in motion the “Nuclear Option”. What works for the Democrats could be wielded by Republicans — especially if the minority party decides to move like snails.

Donald Trump has shown himself willing to reach over — to work with the other side of the aisle. The American people made it quite clear on November 8th, they are ready for his style of leadership.

Yes MSNBC, the election is over, and accept it or not — Trump won.

Take it Serious, Schumer

Source Credit: politico.comSource Credit:

America placed a call last month, when they proved how tired they are of Obama’s legacy, desiring real change. They signed their name on the electoral majority ballot. The people spoke, although some refuse to let them have their voice. Senator Chuck Schumer is one such detractor. But he should exercise caution. 

Warning, Senator Schumer, if you attempt to put cogs in the wheels of progress, you might find the gears turning back on you and your side of the aisle. Our country needs to come first. We’re tired of rhetoric. We’re sick of having pacification shoved down our throats over the past eight years.

Ready or Not

The transition team is preparing our president-elect for January 21st.

America cast her ballot several weeks ago. It is finished. Liberals and mainstream media, accept the electoral decision. November has come and gone. It’s time we work together for the greater good of our great America.

Do you see evidence of those who want to live in the past?

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