A National Embarrassment

Last week NYPD officer and single mother of three, Miosotis Familia, was gunned down in cold-blood in the Bronx suburbs.

Hundreds turned out over the weekend to attend a vigil, held in the community that Officer Familia died protecting and serving.

Noticeably absent from the memorial was New York Mayor, Bill de Blasio.

Photo credit: New York Daily News It appears he had better things to do than honor a fallen police officer.

Like jetting off to Hamburg, Germany to show his support for the violent mob of G20 protesters, who injured more than 150 police officers. Mayor de Blasio also chose to skip the NYPD graduation ceremony, in favor of accepting the invitation to Germany. de Blasio didn’t announce his plans but instead kept them a secret until just hours before his departure. Needless to say, more than a few people are outraged by his behavior.  

As the main speaker at Saturday’s protest event “Hamburg Zeigt Haltung,” or “Hamburg Shows Attitude,” de Blasio told the crowd “We are not going to be intimidated by President Trump and we are not going to turn away from our values.” “I have said many times this is not someone you get something done by compromising with or yielding to. He only understands strength, and we have to show strength,” he said.

Photo credit: RT.com

He clearly has a very skewed definition of the word values. Really, what does it say about him that he chose to hang out with a crowd of people who were looting and burning cars, rather than being at home supporting the family of a murdered police officer? After receiving widespread criticism over his trip, the mayor defended actions saying he had to go to show the world that “Trump doesn’t represent Americans.”

Speaking to Bloomberg from Hamburg, de Blasio suggested that President Trump’s views do not align with those of most Americans and they deserve to be represented abroad. “We almost have Washington as an island at this point, unrepresentative of the views of the American people on many levels, and that’s going to take a different kind of politics to address,” said de Blasio. And he wonders why the NYPD has turned their back on him? The city of New York would no doubt benefit from doing the same.

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