Once You Spot The Hidden Political Message On This Elementary School Prop You’ll Be Furious

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Imagine taking your seven-year-old to their elementary school Halloween party. You innocently walk over to a fun game, where you see a tombstone with President Trump’s name on it. A shocking scenario, right? Well, that is exactly what parents in Gloucester, Massachusetts saw at their children’s school and some parents aren’t happy about it.

A parent-teacher organization was holding a Halloween fundraiser at West Parish Elementary school when one of the games caught the attention of parents. The bean bag toss, brought in by one the parents, features a row of fake tombstones for children to knock over.

 On one of the grave markers was the name “Don Trump.”

Massachusetts parents angry over Trump tombstone
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Angry over the display, parents sent pictures to the Massachusetts Republican Party. Speaking to News Radio 1030, Committeewoman Amanda Kesterson condemned the display. “Politics does not belong in an elementary school–any politics,” she says. “But it’s particularly egregious to be putting the name of the sitting US president on a tombstone.”

Now, school principal Dr. Telena Imel is apologizing for the incident. Surprisingly, in her letter to parents, she seems to acknowledge the display was intentional. “Intentionally or not, it inappropriately brought a political agenda into what was designed to be a fun family affair,” Imel writes.

In addition to apologizing, the principal concedes that schools should not be a place to promote politics. “Our school and this includes school events sponsored by related groups, is not the place for politics. In planning future events, it will be made clear to organizers that school is not the place to engage in or to display political agendas or opinions.”

Educational Politics

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Unfortunately, schools across the country are becoming “those” places. Since President Trump’s victory, leftist political indoctrination has become a clear and present danger in the public education system. From teachers placing the American flag on the classroom floor to librarians refusing to accept books from Melania Trump, the “resistance” is on full display.

Nevertheless, Principal Imel is right. The divisive world of politics is not something to force upon school children. Period.