CONFIRMED: Sickening Shooting Plot Accidentally “Foiled in Tennessee”


What appeared to be a routine traffic stop in Tennessee, is now turning into a massive investigation. In the pre-dawn hours on Monday, the morning after the mass shooting in Las Vegas, officers stopped a man for speeding. However, what they found in his car points to another mass shooting in the works.   

Scott Edmisten, 43, was speeding through Washington County early Monday morning when deputies pulled him over. Finding probable cause to search his vehicle, officers found a number of weapons. The fact the weapons were ready to fire gave authorities cause for concern.

Four loaded weapons were recovered from Edmisten’s car. In addition to the guns, there were 900 rounds of ammunition, a mask, and black fatigues. The list of firearms includes:

  • .357 magnum 
  • .45 semi auto 
  • One full auto AR rifle in .223 caliber 
  • One full auto AR rifle in .308 caliber 

According to investigators, Edmisten recently lost custody of his son and has been writing threatening letters to judges. But, the suspect is refusing to talk to detectives so his intentions are not clear. Nevertheless, Washington County Sheriff Ed Graybeal is applauding his deputy’s decision.

“Whatever he had planned for that morning, that little traffic stop that one of my guys made, made all the difference in the world to someone, I believe,” Graybeal says. “It’s just one of those situations where nothing seemed right and we wanted to make sure that everyone was OK, especially since he’d been sending letters to the courts.”

Illegal Weapons

Weapons found in Stephen Paddock’s Las Vegas hotel room. Photo credit | Daily Mail

Consequently, Graybeal is calling in state and federal agencies to help with the investigation. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms and the FBI are assisting with this case.  ATF Spokesman Michael Knight is confirming there is no connection between the suspect and Las Vegas shooter, Stephen Paddock.

Incidentally, a search of Edmisten’s home uncovered four more rifles and $6,000 in ammo. The automatic firearms were not registered and stripped of serial numbers. Obviously, weapons obtained illegally. Evidence that more gun laws will not deter a person intent on killing.