Manchester Bombing Refuels Debate Over Trump Travel Ban


Travel Restrictions Back Up For Debate

Travel Ban Countries | Photo Credit Fox News

After the terror attack in Manchester, the issue of travel restrictions is once again on everyone’s mind, especially when travelers are coming from predominantly Muslim countries like Libya, Sudan, Yemen, Somalia, Syria, and Iran.

In Europe, the borders are much more open than they are in North America. Travelers are free to travel throughout the various regions of the countries with much less concern for where they are traveling from or why they are traveling. Some people in the UK even feel like its too late to do anything about it.

The refugee crisis was a topic of conversation between President Trump and Pope Francis.

Terrorism Needs To Be Stopped Online

Leslie Marshal tells Fox News:

“The radicalization happened very recently, if you just look at the historical chain of events, at least in this specific situation. This was a British-born individual who, if hypothetically, went to Syria or Libya or anywhere else for training, but then came to the United States, a ban in these Muslim-majority nations listed would not stop.”

“The problem is that the banning and the borders don’t stop the border of the minds and the computer that has no borders. That’s how ISIS is recruiting individuals—over the internet. What we need to find is who they are recruiting and why…”

“Lone Wolf” Created By Network Of Terror

Manchester Police | Photo Credit Fox News

Breitbart reports:

“While it was initially thought that Abedi may have been a lone wolf, by Wednesday Greater Manchester Police Chief Constable Ian Hopkins told reporters authorities are now investigating a “network” of terrorists and have arrested six people in the UK – including Abedi’s older brother.”

“Neighbors told reporters of Libyan flags being flown outside the home, as well as Abedi’s penchant for praying in the street in Arabic. Abedi traveled back to Libya just weeks before the attack, purportedly to visit his parents. Abedi’s father, Ramadan, was arrested by local authorities in Libya, as was one of Abedi’s brothers – who Libyan authorities say traveled to Libya from Britain and who was a member of Islamic State.”