Hit Your Knees

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When Illinois resident, James Hodgkinson, attempted to murder Republican congressmen in Arlington, VA, it shined a spotlight on a dangerous problem. The election of President Trump has brought out the best in the right, and the worst in the left. 

As House Majority Whip, Steve Scalise recovers from his near-fatal injury, other congressmen and women are just beginning to face the threats on their lives and the lives of their families. Ohio Representative, Steve Sivers, is one of them. Sivers recently received an ominous and unthinkable threat not only against him but against his wife and daughter as well.

68-year old, E. Stanley Hoff, allegedly made a total of five threats against Sivers and his family. Hoff specifically referenced the baseball practice shooting in one voicemail. “I’ve seen the prayer ya’ll were saying at the baseball diamond … I think ya’ll better hit your knees and pray for the people that you’re screwin’ up their lives,” the message stated, according to a criminal complaint filed by Capitol Police in U.S. District Court in Columbus.

E. Stanley Hoff appears in Federal court (Photo credit: Washington Examiner)

“We’re coming to get every god***n one of you and your families. Maybe the next one taken down will be your daughter. Huh? Or your wife. Or even you,” Hoff added. Unfortunately, this is just the tip of the iceberg. It has now been discovered that over 30 members of Congress have been threatened since May. All of them are Republicans.

Thankfully, Hoff has since been arrested. He currently faces up to ten years in prison after being charged with threatening to “assault, kidnap, or murder a United States official.” Hoff’s arrest serves as an example of just how dangerous things are becoming. Afterall, we aren’t talking about harmless political dissent anymore.

We actually have members of the United States Congress, and their loved ones, being expressly targeted solely based on their political views. 

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