Trump Wins Big At The Oscars… You Won’t See This News Anywhere Else



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I forced myself to watch the Oscars the other night because I was certain that somehow President Trump would be vindicated. And much to my surprise, I was right. The show was steeped in the usual thinly veiled anti-Trump rhetoric that has become customary from Hollywood’s elite.

Nonetheless, there was one moment that made me smile from ear-to-ear (thankfully it came very early). The first award of the evening was for “Best Make-Up” and it went to Georgio Gregorini, Alessandro Bertolazzi, and Christopher Nelson for “Suicide Squad.”

So what did this have to do with Trump? Well, the Executive Producer of the movie is none other than Trump’s Treasury Secretary, Steve Mnuchin. As expected, liberals were furious.

“Well, at least when they perp-walk Steven Mnuchin they can say they’ve arrested “a producer of the Oscar-winning SUICIDE SQUAD. #Oscars

Things seemed to turn political during the acceptance speech when the men said, “this is for the immigrants.” Again, social media users savored this as another jab at President Trump:

“This is for the immigrants!” Cool, be sure to tell Steve Mnuchin, Suicide Squad producer and member of the Trump administration. #Oscars”

The only problem is the men didn’t say this is for…

Illegal Immigrants

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There were many “subtle” nods made to immigrants during the awards show all undoubtedly were aimed at President Trump. But what the left once again failed to acknowledge, is that the problem is not immigrants, it is illegal immigrants.

It’s funny that not one Oscar “darling” offered to house an illegal family in their mansion-safely guarded by “walls” to protect what they love. Nor did I see one illegal immigrant in the audience.

It is easy to take a stand when you’re not the one to endure the fall. People who understand what it means to work hard and make sacrifices “produce” winning results.

Maybe actors should focus on “making Hollywood great again”– by reading lines that entertain us. 

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