During the 2016 election cycle, candidate Donald Trump spoke about the widespread occurrence of voter fraud throughout the U.S. Despite having won the election, President Trump has continued to assert that voter fraud is a real concern.

Ironically, the most damning evidence to date is being provided by the very people who claim that illegal votes aren’t a problem the Democrats themselves.

Sign indicates that you must sign affidavit to vote without IDPhoto credit: MarkBuckawicki | Creative Commons

Trump’s Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity has recently begun its investigation, asking for states to turn over their voter rolls for examination by the commission. According to Axios, that includes voter information regarding felony convictions, military status, and voter history. The deadline for submission was set for mid-July.

However, almost 30 states have refused to comply with the request citing various reasons including concerns about “voter suppression.” Many of the states defying the commission are led by Democrats which begs the question-what are they trying to hide? If all your voters are legitimate, why not just turn over the information and put an end to this?

California Secretary of State, Alex Padilla, claimed the president’s commission is a waste of taxpayer money, insisting it unfairly targets immigrants in the state. “I will continue to defend the right of all eligible voters to cast their ballots free from discrimination, intimidation, or unnecessary roadblocks,” Padilla said in his statement.

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Virginia Governor, Terry McAuliffe, suggested the commission was based on falsehoods perpetuated by President Trump. “This entire commission is based on the specious and false notion that there was widespread voter fraud last November,” said the longtime Clinton ally. “At best this commission was set up as a pretext to validate Donald Trump’s alternative election facts, and at worst is a tool to commit large-scale voter suppression.”

Interestingly enough, voter fraud has been discovered on several occasions during McAuliffe’s tenure. In fact, a college student was just sentenced to 100 days in prison for registering deceased people to vote. Andrew J. Spiels worked for a Democrat-affiliated organization known as Harrisonburg Votes at the time he committed the crime.

At least three Republican states, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Kentucky, are among those refusing to comply. Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Grimes, who is a Democrat. said she has “no intentions of releasing Kentuckians sensitive personal data to the federal government.” So far, Alabama, Missouri, and Kansas has said they will turn over the requested information.


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