FAKE NEWS: Liberal Media Shamelessly Scaring Seniors With A Story Alleging Trump Will…


“Let Them Die”

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Is anyone safe from the spiteful, fabricated stories of the mainstream media? No. Not even America’s most vulnerable population–senior citizens. The Hill recently published a story on President Trump’s budget and told readers he was cutting funding to Meals on Wheels.

The very biased Huffington Post also latched on to the story and began circulating their Facebook headline calling Trump “heartless” and suggested he would “let seniors die.” It didn’t seem to matter to the anti-Trump haters that the program is not federally funded.

The non-profit organization, which delivers hot meals to homebound seniors across the country is almost entirely funded through corporate and individual donations. Only 3 percent of their funding comes from a federal grant that is given to each state to distribute.

Despite the fact their stories were completely false, social media users applauded their efforts and joined them in blaming President Trump for the non-existent cuts:

@thehill Absolutely horrible. Why is it that 45, Cabinet & Congress have no regard for the poor, elderly, or at risk communities!”-said FB user Dr. Rose Handon.

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Sadly, this isn’t the first time MSM has targeted the elderly with their skewed…

Anti-Trump Narratives

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The media has not only touted less than truthful stories about Meals on Wheels but on a variety of topics. They have tried to paint Trump’s plans for Social Security in a negative light quite often.

They have also tried to convince their readers that Obamacare is the best thing since sliced bread, illegal immigrants aren’t dangerous, and we should all love refugees and radical Islamists. Because they love America, right?

Because they love America, right?

The same media outlets spreading all this divisive rhetoric just recently tried to insinuate that Ivanka Trump is Justin Trudeau’s “biggest fan.” Why? Because she attended a Canadian-inspired Broadway play where Trudeau was speaking. 

And they wonder why the administration calls the press the opposition party.  

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