Norweigan Writer’s Post Removed By The Left… For Stating The Facts!

Trump Rally | Photo Credit Getty Images On The Huffington Post, a Norwegian writer’s blog post said that Donald Trump was “absolutely right about Sweden” was removed after the contributor criticized the liberal country’s pack of immigration policies.

This has been stirring MASS hysteria amongst readers, and those who looked for it later – only to find it…


Despite the various media critics who continually mock President Trump, Rene Zografos said Trump “is actually spot on.” The writer said that his home country neighbors Sweden said it’s not politically correct “for journalists to write that immigration in Europe is unsuccessful.”

The writer made several arguments to prove his point.

Immigration Brings Gangs, Robbery, Violence

American Immigration | Photo Credit Breitbart

Zografos argued that Scandinavians and other Europeans that this type of liberal immigration generally comes with “drugs, rapes, gang wars, robbery, and violence,” among other things.

During his piece, he argued that several other European cities have problems that are so bad even the police will not interfere during certain cities. He also feels like the press in Europe hasn’t been doing their job properly as well.

Zografos believes there is a fear for journalists to report the truth.

Huffington Post Claims Violation Of Terms

Rene Zografos | Photo Credit The Inquisitir

The Huffington Post said that the self-published article “violated [their] terms of use.” According to the Daily Caller, “Sweden was rocked by violent riots this week just days after Trump was criticized for saying the influx of refugees to Sweden was causing problems for the country.”

Zografos’ post went up on the Huffington Post’s platform on Wednesday but was removed by Thursday morning, despite having a note that said, “Contributors control their own work and post freely on our site.”

Donald Trump’s tweet that correlated with the article said, “Give the public a break – The FAKE NEWS media is trying to say that large-scale immigration in Sweden is working out just beautifully. NOT!”

The article has been archived here and Rene Zografos has also written the book, Attractive Unattractive Americans.

When will the liberals stop obviously hiding the truth?

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