Lester Holt Plays It Safe During Yesterday’s Debates


Lester Holt played his role as moderator overly cautious tonight. With an entire nation watching his every move, and listening to every word, Lester opted to lay very low. He went silent for minutes of time, letting Hillary and Donald fight and bicker without interjecting. At times, he even allowed them both to speak right over him. Many viewers were most likely wondering what Holt was even there for.

Even though Lester refused to step in fully as a moderator, it worked out. The audience and viewers were able to see how the candidates truly interacted with one another. The two candidates went through a wide range of emotions and speaking styles. Their views were clearly different. How they handled pressure was obvious as well.

Moderators are typically looked at to handle situations like this more aggressively. In fact, they’re supposed to keep the candidates in check. Lester did at times check the candidates, more so Trump at times than Hillary. Even though they were both in need of moderation from time to time.

Lester was far less conspicuous than many moderators of the past. That shows he was likely looking to avoid any criticism. While he took a less aggressive approach, it wasn’t a bad thing. The two candidates were able to more freely speak their mind. Trump spoke to the hearts of the people as he usually does. He started off more composed than usual, but his passion definitely came out later in the debates.

How Did Hillary Do During the Debate?

Hillary played her role as a true politician, keeping a little smirk the entire time but never showing any real emotion. People will argue for both candidates. But after watching the debates, her lack of emotion locked in my belief that Trump is the one who we need to get into the office. We need a passionate man who wears his heart on his sleeve. We do not need a robotic, puppet like politician who is always smiling regardless of what the situation looks like.

Holt’s guidance of the debate clearly dissolved in the early stages of the debates. And even as the two candidates started to barrage each other, Holt held back. Hosting the debates is considered to be the highlight of a journalist career. And this couldn’t be truer for Holt. As far as the current standings of the political system goes, this may have been one of the most challenging debates to host.

lester plays it safeHolt also hasn’t had much in the way of hosting a debate. Other than the debate Holt hosted between Sanders and Hillary, he only had one more he hosted back in 2004. Holt is 57 years old, he is the first African American to be a solo anchor in the history of NBC’s history. Holt did stick to his words tonight regardless of how people feel he handled the two candidates.

Why Was Holt So Passive During the Debates?

Prior to the start of the debates, Holt clearly stated he was hosting a conversation between the two candidates. That it would be the three of them and hopefully just the two of them. Holt definitely let the two of them have their conversation, even though his job was to moderate more closely.

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