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Dylann Roof is currently serving life in prison for murdering nine church-goers in Charleston, SC. President Trump is a smart, savvy businessman and a loving father and husband. Do you see any similarity between these two polar opposites? Neither do we. But, comedienne Lena Dunham does.

Continuing her Twitter attacks on President Trump, Dunham is now comparing him to Roof. Responding to a thread from fellow comedian, Travon Free, Dunham suggests the president is both racist and mentally unstable. “Not only is he a racist, but he’s a racist with an untreated mental illness,” Dunham declares. “So, under diff circumstances, he’s Dylann Roof.”

The comments come on the heels of a weekend-long debate over NFL players protesting the national anthem. A host of celebrities and professional athletes across the spectrum are weighing in on the controversy. All of them, taking aim at President Trump. However, Dunham’s remarks are an especially low-blow.

Interestingly, while Dunham brings up Roof, she fails to mention anything about the shooting at Burnette Chapel in Tennessee. Come to think of it, neither did the mainstream media. Americans, especially Southerners, are still dealing with the consequences of Roof’s killing spree.

Inconvenient Truths

Lena Dunham calls Trump supporters violent racistsPhoto credit | Mark Wallheiser/Getty Images

Consequently, Dunham’s baseless attacks on the president didn’t stop with the absurd comparison. She follows her inflammatory tweet with condemnation for President Trump, and praise for NFL players. She also takes direct aim at Trump supporters, not-so-subtly calling them violent.

“Do people get how much bravery it takes to stand up to the president, whether you’re rich or not?” asks Dunham. “These players are black Americans. Along with the president’s ire, they get every violent racist who supports him. They are deluged with threats.” Naturally, the comedienne offers no proof of these alleged “threats.” 

But, that’s alright because we have some proof of our own.

Significantly, we are talking about former NFL Quarterback, Tim Tebow. The white, Christian conservative who was relentlessly mocked and threatened for kneeling on the field. Kneeling in prayer, that is. Because, for liberals, inserting God into sports is too much to for them to bear. Divisive rhetoric, on the other hand, is perfectly acceptable.

What else is new with the Democratic party, right?


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