Strange Thing Happens To A Key Witness In The Las Vegas Terror Case..

Jesus Campos-Las Vegas
Mandalay Bay Security Guard, Jesus Campos | Photo credit Fox News

In yet another bizarre twist in the Las Vegas shooting investigation, a key witness and victim is gone. Just moments before he was scheduled to do his first live interview, the Mandalay Bay security guard vanished. Mimicking the “Waldo” craze of the 80s, investigators and the media are now asking the public:

“Where is Jesus Campos?”

Campos is one of more than 400 victims of Stephen Paddock. Taking a bullet minutes before Paddock open-fired on concertgoers, he was ready to break his silence. On Thursday night, he was going to give the first of five scheduled interviews including one on Fox News. However, before the cameras started rolling, Campos bolted.

Campos’ hasty departure left reporters scrambling. ABC News’ Stephanie Walsh confirms his disappearance on Friday via a Twitter post. “Media scrum tonight as we learn security officer shot in Vegas attack, Jesus Campos’ whereabouts are unknown,” she writes. Sean Hannity also posts a simple two-word message saying, “he canceled.”

However, a union rep for the security guard is offering somewhat cryptic clues about Campos’ location. President of the Security Police and Fire Professionals Union, David Hickey, is claiming Campos’ is receiving treatment. Hickey says he received a text Thursday night, saying Campos had been taken to a “quick clinic.”

Interestingly, Hickey says he has been working with Campos to prepare for the interviews and that he wants to tell his story. “For the past four days he’s been preparing,” Hickey says, noting the interviews were Campos’ idea. He said Campos hoped that telling his story would help him move on.

Hickey also confirms they had a meeting with MGM officials before Campos’ disappearing act.

Mounting Problems

Mandalay Bay Maintenance Worker, Stephen Schuck | Photo credit New York Daily News

Nevertheless, this problem is just one of many plaguing Las Vegas investigators. Just days ago, a worker at the casino resort came forward with a startling new detail. Stephen Schuck, who works in maintenance, is saying he called-in about someone shooting in the hallway. “It’s kind of relentless, so I called over the radio what was going on,” he says.

Additionally, MGM International is openly disputing law enforcement’s timeline of events that fateful October night. Their first timeline had Paddock shooting Campos after he fired into the crowd at the country concert. Then, a week later, the timeline changed again. Now, the one guy who can help unravel the mystery is apparently in hiding.