Two Weeks Since Kim Seen In Public

Kim Jong Un | Photo Credit Sun It’s been two weeks since anyone saw North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un in the public eye. The last time Kim was photographed was back on July 28 when his military were celebrating the Hwasong-14 ICBM test launch.

Based on the various threats from Kim over the past six months or so, this disappearance has many worried as to what the dictator will do next. Most recently, he’s threatened Guam.

President Trump has already told Kim, several times, that America is “locked and loaded” if any of these threats are carried out.

Public Holidays In North Korea Worry Americans

North Korean Soldiers | Photo Credit Associated Press

The Sun reports:

“There are fears tomorrow’s public holiday to mark the Korean Peninsula’s liberation from Japan at the end of World War Two could be used to fire a new rocket, according to South Korean news outlet KBS. North Korea has previously threatened to fire four Hwasong-12 rockets to land in the sea 17 miles from Guam ‘by mid-August’.”

“Kim had threatened to strike the US territory in an escalation of tensions with the United States. US President Donald Trump has warned North Korea it is “locked and loaded” and to expect “fire and fury” if the threats are carried out. The UN has already passed sanctions as North Korea continues to develop its weapons programme and carry out test launches.”

South Korean President Watches North Korea

Photo Credit:

CNN reports:

“While the US and South Korea are unlikely to back down from the planned drills, South Korea President Moon Jae-in appeared to down play Mattis’ comments Tuesday, pointing out the US would need its approval before launching any attack on North Korea.”

“In televised comments, Moon said that “military action on the Korean Peninsula can only be decided by South Korea and no one else can decide to take military action without the consent of South Korea.” “The government, putting everything on the line, will block war by all means,” he added.”

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