Kim Jong Un Angered By Trump Tweet

President Trump | Photo Credit CNN After President Trump tweeted, “North Korea just stated that it is in the final stages of developing a nuclear weapon capable of reaching parts of the U.S. It won’t happen!,” Kim Jong Un threatened New York.

The current debate is not whether a warhead is small enough to mount on an ICBM, but whether the shock, vibrations and high temperatures could survive the Intercontinental trajectory of re-entering the earth’s atmosphere.

In recent months, North Korea has tried to step up their missile program. Four new weapon systems have been tested lately that are more accurate than ever before.

North Korea Soon To Develop Nuclear Warhead

North Korean Missile | Photo Credit Reuters

The Sun reports:

“Its new intermediate-range ballistic missile are said to be able to hit US bases in Guam and NK has also tested new anti-ship cruise missiles. And Mr Lewis fears the rogue state could soon be “knocking on the door” of the US with new super-powered ICBMs – despite some claiming Kim’s missile programme is overrated.”

“Mr. Lewis added: “Similar doubts were expressed about China’s nuclear warheads in the 1960s, prompting China’s leaders to arm a missile with a live nuclear weapon and launch it across the country to dispel any lingering doubts. Fortunately, North Korea has not chosen to take such a step.”

New York Likely Too Far From North Korea’s Reach

New York City | Photo Credit IBTimes

Newsweek reports:

“New York City, home to over 8 million people, is an unlikely target for Pyongyang in part because it is so far from North Korea compared with other major cities on the West Coast, such as Los Angeles, which former members of Kim’s government have threatened before.”

“North Korea has also utilized its media to depict fictionalized attacks on the U.S. capital of Washington, where Trump now resides with his family. Multiple videos have shown simulated North Korean missiles “bombing” the White House, the U.S. Capitol and more.”

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