Kim Jong Un Shows Propaganda Video Depicting Bombing Of America


Kim Jong Un Reveals Anti-America Video

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un just showcased a video of various missiles going off and heading towards the United States. While the military applauded the video, shots of the American flag were flashed between explosions, while the band played.

The video simulation was obtained by American news sites on Wednesday, where the video showed one ballistic missile crossing the Pacific to hit the U.S. The next clip shows a flag, followed by a cemetery where flames have been added.

This video originally aired at the event on Sunday.

Tensions Grown Between U.S. And North Korea

Propaganda Video | Photo Credit Fox News

USA Today reports:

“The video comes at a time of high tensions between the U.S. and North Korea. The U.S. has expressed outrage at a series of missile and nuclear tests by Pyongyang, and North Korean leader Kim has been equally critical of a massive military exercise involving hundreds of thousands of South Korean and U.S. troops.”

Vice President Mike Pence was just in South Korea, where he pledged solidarity with Seoul and warned North Korea that America’s patience is growing thin. Pence made this announcement from the Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier, in the Tokyo Bay.

Terrible CGI Video Follows Rocket Dud

Propaganda Video | Photo Credit Fox News

Unilad reports:

“The video, which looks hilariously bad even for North Korea, shows what looks like a CGI submarine launching a missile before swapping to archive footage of a real rocket which once again magically turns CGI again to hit a really poorly drawn U.S. city.”

“Along with the video, the Korean State Merited Chorus sang a rousing new song which mentioned Hwasong missiles blasting off to challenge American imperialism along with other typical North Korean propaganda. Basically, the West, and America in particular, are a bunch of bastards.”

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