Kim Jong Un Executes Non-Believers

Kim Jong Un | Photo Credit Times

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un wants his people to consider him the living God. With that in mind, because many are practicing other religions in North Korea, he’s not persecuting thousands who dare to practice other religions.

This crackdown, led by Kim, is leading to imprisonment, torture, and execution by a firing squad. The attacks come as more and more people are turning to Christianity and Buddhism in the region, rather than the Cult of the Kims.

Also, tens of thousands are refusing to join Kim’s army.

North Koreans Refusing To Join Military

Kim Jong Un Statue | Photo Credit Times

The Sun reports:

“The number of conscientious objectors refusing military service for non-religious reasons is also on the rise, according to local NGOs, lawyers, and religious groups.” Article 86 of the North Korean Constitution states: “National defense is the supreme duty and honor of citizens. Citizens shall defend the country and serve in the armed forces as required by law.”

Kim sees his army’s strength as more important than ever before as he looks set to take on the military might of Donald Trump’s America. The US State Department released the annual report on global religious freedoms on Tuesday, with North Korea singled out for denying its people the “right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion.”

Kim Jong Un Builds His Cult

Kim Jong Un Statue | Photo Credit Times

The Economist writes:

“Mr. Kim is now making his youth part of his appeal too, says Tatiana Gabroussenko, an expert on the North’s propaganda. His pet architectural projects, such as water parks and department stores, are aimed at the growing middle class.”

“Nowhere is his message of material progress clearer than in the capital, an unending building site. In April Mr. Kim cut the ribbon for the opening of Ryomyong Street, a cluster of new high-rise apartments, shops, restaurants, and pharmacies. He, rather than its architects, is portrayed as the mastermind behind its design—just as his father was for the Juche Tower.”

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