FINALLY… Kennedy Reveals His Family’s Reaction To The JFK Files Release…

John F. Kennedy
President John F Kennedy in Dallas on November 11th, 1963 | Photo credit LA Times

The American public, along with historians, is anxiously awaiting the release of the remaining JFK assassination files. However, Congressman Joe Kennedy III, the great-nephew of John Kennedy, is not happy about President Trump’s decision. The congressman is saying the files touch on a “topic close to his family.”

Last week, President Trump confirmed that he is releasing the remainder of the JFK files on schedule. The documents, barring any major development, are coming out sometime on Thursday. But, Kennedy is angry at how the president is handling the situation. He claims he isn’t communicating with his family regarding the release.

Joe Kennedy III
Rep. Joseph Kennedy III, D-Mass., attends the House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing | Photo credit J. Scott Applewhite

“These are documents that obviously have been kept behind closed doors for a long time, and I absolutely tend towards disclosure of government documents,” says Kennedy. “Saying that there should be some communication between this administration and members of our family.”

Interestingly, it is Congress, not President Trump, setting the deadline for the National Archives to make the information public. Although, the president does have the power to block the documents from becoming public. According to the administration, the president has no plans to take such steps.

“The President believes that these documents should be made available in the interests of full transparency,” a White House official tells reporters. “Unless agencies provide a compelling and clear national security or law enforcement justification otherwise. ” We are working to ensure that the maximum amount of data is coming out to the public.”

What Happens in Mexico

Kennedy assassin
JFK assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald | Photo credit Imgur

Regardless, the Kennedy family has no reason to view Trump’s decision negatively. Historians don’t believe the collection of FBI and CIA documents will offer any new insights on JFK’s death. Nonetheless, they could prove uncomfortable to some important citizens in Mexico, according to Kennedy assassination expert and author, Gerald Posner.

“There may not be deep, dark secrets in there, but the release could be very embarrassing to some people,” says Posner. “Remember there is a lot of intrigue in Mexico City in the 1960’s. Everyone spies on everyone else.” Lee Harvey Oswald spent time in Mexico two months before assassinating President Kennedy.