1High Horse Actors Unite Against Trump At SAG Awards

Simon Helberg | Photo Credit Twitter

Actors such as Ashton Kutcher, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, William H. Macy, Simon Hedberg, and Jocelyn Towne made sure to comment on Trump’s executive order during the SAG Awards last weekend.

Helberg, who co-starred in Florence Foster Jenkins with Meryl Streep, stood next to wife Towne who literally had “Let Them In” written across her chest while he held a “Refugees Welcome” sign so they could spread their message to all photographers.

Kellyanne Conway wants these celebrities to get off their “high horse.”

Selected Empathy Among Hollywood Elitists 

Ashton Kutcher | Photo Credit Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

On Monday, the counselor for the President pointed out the selected empathy from these celebrities, who will ignore protesting issues such as “veterans dying for care” and other such American priorities.

“Keeping the country safe is the president’s first obligation and why would you delay implementation of a measure that’s meant to meet that objective of keeping the country safe,” said Conway.

She understands these airport opportunists are just looking for something to protest.

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  • disqus_i0SZmEempO

    I think they need to step back and look at things more deeply and stop listening the the MSM and use the intelegence they profess to have. Stop complaining and being hateful and try working WITH the President instead of against him. Ask what THEY can do for their country instead of what their country can do for them. They’ll accomplish more than making their fans turn against them and each other. Then they will be useful. We don’t owe them anything but they owe it to their fans to set a good example, and runnung their mouths and bad mouthing our president is NOT the way to do it.

  • Maureen Burke

    These idiot don’t care.. they live in gated communities and have body guards. It they are so compassionate send all the immigrants to their house..They really think that their words and voices matter more than mine and yours …WELL THEY DON’T.. Just pathetic losers

  • Stephen Unangst

    Let them in and ship them right to their front doors. Let’s see how they feel then. Tired of hypocrisy. Time for real consequences for people who live in glass houses.

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