Conway Was Just Banned From ANOTHER Mainstream Media Network…

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It’s common knowledge these days that the left-leaning media is not big on facts. They are also very fond of demanding their rights while taking away the rights of others. What they don’t love, is someone who dares to contradict their narrow point-of-view.

This is especially true when that “someone” is Kellyanne Conway. Conway has now been banned from appearing on the MSNBC show called “Morning Joe”. The show is hosted by Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski.

Scarborough recently touted that Kellyanne “books herself on TV to stay relevant.” After which, Brzezinski said she would no longer be welcome on their show. Ironically, the hosts claim that Conway is “no longer credible.”

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It’s no secret that Kellyanne has had a couple interview gaffes. However, she has done nothing that would make her less credible. She is a highly successful and very accomplished woman. She has also been the target of death threats and smear campaigns because of her position in the White House.

Brzezinski went so far as to say that “they don’t believe in fake news or information that is not true.”. She has obviously forgotten who she works for. MSNBC is a very left-leaning media outlet and a common purveyor of…

Alternative Facts

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Giving credit where credit is due, MSNBC shows would know fake news when they see it. They are masters of the “alternative facts.” 

An MSNBC spokesperson said they have no blanket network ban on Kellyanne Conway appearing. However, each show is given “leeway” on who they do or don’t have as guests.

It’s quite possible that it is not really Kellyanne Conway that they are banning from the show. 

Rather, it seems as if the truth is the unwelcome guest.

Want to make your heart smile? Watch this…

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