Photo credit: MeTv We feel the need to preface our story by telling you that you are not in the “Twilight Zone.” The nightmare is real and it will most likely leave you screaming-out of anger that is. It is absolutely outrageous to watch liberals trash President Trump on a daily basis. But having to hear about how they’ve been “traumatized” by the consequences of their bad behavior is almost surreal.

And yet, here we are. Not-so-funny comedian Kathy Griffin, as you all know, decided it would be fun to do a photo shoot holding the bloody, severed head of President Trump. The stunt was so appalling, that she lost her job at CNN and several other positions as a spokeswoman. Many venues have canceled her comedy tour appearances.

Additionally, she was called-out by President Trump and First Lady Melania, for having traumatized 11-year old Barron who saw the photo on television and thought it was real. Griffin offered a half-hearted apology after the backlash, but the damage was already done. Except it is Griffin who believes she has been wronged-by the Trump family.

In true liberal fashion, Griffin is now blaming the president, whom she literally threatened and mocked, and she has hired a lawyer. She is, if you can believe it, considering suing the Trump’s for…


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