Turns out the bizarre billionaire, Peter Thiel, endorsed Trump in a speech at the Republican National Convention.  Trump has made it clear several times – he is planning on nominating Thiel for the Supreme Court, if he wins. That news has come straight from the lips of Thiel.

Trump loves Peter Thiel and they are tightly knit within the same inner circle. The love remark came from another source within their super secretive group. The same source also said its doubtful Thiel will take the offer, even if Trump wins.

No one is really clear as to whether or not Thiel is actually planning on taking the job.  Only Thiel and Trump know for sure.  We’re not even sure Trump wants to nominate him or if this is just hearsay.  The sources informnation comes from Thiel, who has said Trump’s team has definitely talked about it.

The sources have both asked to be kept anonymous.  They apparently fear the retribution of Thiel and Trump.  Especially since Thiel has not played games with those who’ve wronged him in the past. He’s been more than willing to take out threats. In any case, the rumors are not 100% validated as of today.  But we sure are trying.

Did Trump Really Ask for Peter Thiel?

Trump’s secretary was even questioned about the situation but denied ever hearing about it. She was heard saying, “There is absolutely no truth to this whatsoever.”

Thiel’s own spokesperson said, “Peter hasn’t had any conversations about a Supreme Court nominate and has no interest in the job.”

If Thiel is nominated, and takes the position, he’ll be the richest judge ever. Thiel, a venture capitalist, has a net worth of about $2.7B.  He co-founded PayPal and was one of the first angel investors for Facebook. He graduated from Stanford Law, and if nominated will be the first openly gay member of the court.

Who Will Trump Nominate for the Supreme Court?

Trump’s remarks about Peter Thiel were, “Republicans who don’t like him have to vote for me anyway.” The presidential nominee has recently released a list of 11 people who will be nominated for the Supreme Court in May. The list isn’t the final decision, Trump said, just a directional guideline.  A “representative of the kind of constitutional principles I value.”

Trump Asks for Peter Theil










Thiel is pretty much the opposite of what everyone claims Trump is. He’s an openly gay, libertarian, tech billionaire who is all for marriage equality. If the rumors were true, Thiel would be a complete 180 from the nominees Trump currently has on the list.   Thiel is very conservative though, and more of a Republican than most people realize.

Thiel wrote an essay in 2009, and said, “I no longer believe that freedom and democracy are compatible.” He was making reference to women’s right to vote and government aid to poor people.

The reality is, there is no definitive evidence that Thiel actually said he would do this or Trump even nominated him. If you ask me, this sounds like something devised to get certain people angry with Trump. I’ll bite my tongue before releasing any more information on this and hold faith that it’s most likely a media mistake or something of that nature.

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