Japan Dispatches Largest Warship Since WWII To Protect US Supply From North Korea


Japan Sends Largest Warship To Protect US Carriers

Japanese Vessel | Photo Credit Getty

In order to protect US vessels near South Korea, Japan has sent its largest warship to protect the USS Carl Vinson as tensions continue to rise with North Korea. This comes after the totalitarian government sent off another failed missile.

Izumo is an 800-foot helicopter carrier that just left Yokosuka, which is south of Tokyo, in order to escort the American vessel within the Shikoku waters. The trip is approximately 400 miles, which will surpass Japan’s southern islands.

The supply vessel has not been named for the press, but the support is believed to show that President Trump does not want Kim to consider a nuclear test.

Izumo Largest Vessel Built Since WWII

Japanese Vessel | Photo Credit EPA

The Daily Mail reports:

“The Izumo is Japan’s largest vessel constructed since the Second World War, and its active deployment marks the first time new powers expanding the role of the country’s military have been used.”

“Japan’s pacifist constitution, which was adopted after its surrender to America in 1945, forbid its military from carrying out any action that was not in self-defense. However, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe expanded the definition of self-defense last year to include protecting Japanese allies and providing logistical support to countries who are important to the defense of the country.”

Move From Japan Show Of Force

Kim Jong-Un | Photo Credit Getty

The Drive reports:

“The mission sounds somewhat odd, as US supply vessels traverse the region without escort regularly, but this is likely more of a show of force and an exercise in interoperability among allies than anything else—although there is clearly a naval threat posed by the North Koreans.”

“The mission also underlines the reality that during a time of war, especially against a peer competitor, there would be few sea lanes in the region that won’t be under threat, especially from attacks by lurking enemy submarines.”

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