Ivanka Trump Makes History In The White House


Empowering Women

Photo credit: forbes.com

Ivanka Trump doesn’t just offer women the opportunity to dress fashionably–she inspires them to think big and create positive change. She offers both hope and strength to all women, not just those who fit a delusional liberal stereotype. Ivanka doesn’t have a hidden agenda, she has a plan. And she is making history.

Last week, Ivanka hosted a dinner and roundtable discussion with female entrepreneurs at the White House. This may seem pretty usual on the surface but it wasn’t. The group of women was Latina business owners. This was the first time they have been invited to “sit at the table.”

The event was organized by the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and provided 13 Hispanic businesswomen the chance to share their hopes, dreams, and concerns about the future. A photo of the event depicted a very enthusiastic Ivanka smiling while having a lively and animated discussion with the group.

One of the women in attendance was Lili Gil Valletta, co-owner of XL Alliance. In her Facebook post, she was very pleased with the meeting saying,

“We talked about our businesses, the challenges we face as women and left the door open to jointly collaborate to advance opportunities for all women.”

Photo Credit: twitter.com

Valletta also highlighted the significance of the event, calling it a…

Historical First

Photo Credit: bendbulletin.com

As usual, MSM was silent on Ivanka’s latest achievement. Stories like this make it much harder for them to push their bigoted narrative of the first daughter, and garner support for their ridiculous boycotts against her.

However, the lack of media coverage doesn’t diminish the importance of the work Ivanka is doing on behalf of women and children around the world. She recently took her child care and maternity leave proposals to Congress.

Ivanka has a passion for teaching women how to be leaders in their homes, businesses, and communities. Showing women that they are the architects of their destiny is far more important to her than amassing a group of blind followers. 

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