Donald Trump is notoriously loyal to his family. At a recent event, his daughter Ivanka spoke. Ivanka is not just Trump’s daugher, she is also one of the most looked up to women in the world. Her professionalism, character and class radiates throughout worldwide media. She also recently spoke at a national convention. Ivanka is the eldest daughter in the Trump family and is also a successful businesswoman. She’s also a successful entrepreneur, political figure, feminist and beloved daughter.

The topics she covered were far off from Donald’s usual topics about terrorism and immigration showing Ivanka definitely has her own agenda. Although she fully supports her father, Ivanka chose to spoke about more personal concerns she has for our country. Although she supports her father, Ivanka spoke more about affordable child care, gender wage gaps and other issues related to women. It’s known Trump’s family values are traditional as they come, but it doesn’t necessarily show with his daughter Ivanka.

Ivanka Trump, Modern Businesswoman

She’s a modern woman, she sees her husband Jared Kushner as a professional equal. Her ambition has led her to be one of the most successful, well educated, entrepreneurs on the planet. And her success does not go without praise. Donald speaks freely about the pride he has for his daughter’s accomplishments. As Trump said, most women work outside the home fulltime. Men are marrying women who are their equals more and more.

Times are definitely progressing for women. Today, more than 40% of homes have women who are earning the primary source of income. Almost 80% of Americans agree the progress of women must be kept moving forward and never return to how it used to be. Republicans struggle with this idea sometimes. But with daughters like Ivanka showing the world what’s possible, more and more conservatives are starting to accept the fact that the role of women has changed from what it once was. Ivanka continues to push for more support for women and mothers in the United States. She’s become a role model for many women and the type of woman many men want to marry.

Why Is Ivanka Trump so Popular? 

ivanka trumpIntelligence is now viewed as the number one quality men desire in a woman. The changing gender roles is accepted more and more as the children are really the ones who are seen to benefit. Men do hold different views about the women they prefer to have intimate relationships with however. Most men say they want their wives to be smart, attractive and sweet. Men chose independence and strength above other qualities when it came to their daughters. This could be why so many men and women alike look up to Ivanka Trump.

Ivanka may have a secret as to why she is as successful as she is. She was mentored by her father, one of the most successful businessmen in history. She’s been more involved with the campaign of her father then her mother publicly. She clearly believes her father has the best intentions for women in the United States. Her female empowerment is becoming something of a movement with women across the country. Maybe if we’re lucky it won’t be Hillary who is the first woman in the Oval Office, maybe it can be Ivanka one day.


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