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Affordable Child Care

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While some women are marching in the streets, Ivanka Trump is marching to Congress. The first daughter met with members of the House and Senate last week to discuss her childcare proposals. The new legislation seeks to provide tax deductions and credits to help American families.

Ivanka also wants to encourage more companies to offer paid maternity leave. According to U.S. Census figures from 2016, almost 50 million workers in the labor force are women. The same census also revealed that 50% more of women aged 25-44 are living in poverty.

Currently, only 11% of American workers have access to any paid family leave. According to the plan:

“Parents will be able to deduct the cost of childcare from their tax bill, up to a certain amount. They will also be able to use their pre-tax income to set up a fund to pay for childcare and education expenses.”

Additionally, the plan would also offer rebates to…

Stay-at-Home Parents

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Ivanka and her father have acknowledged that a parent who stays home to take care of children is also working hard. This is why their plan would also include rebates for parents not in the labor force.

Economist Alan Cole has called the legislation generous saying it “would benefit almost everyone with young children.” Parents that do not earn enough to take advantage of the tax credit, would still get a boost through higher “Earned Income Tax Credit” amounts.

The new policy proposals should come as no surprise to Congress. In her 2016 speech at the RNC, Ivanka highlighted that her father would “focus on making quality child care affordable and accessible for all”.

The best part of the plan is that it could be entirely self-funded. The uptick in economic growth occurring under Trump and reducing fraud in the unemployment insurance program could easily pay for the six-weeks of paid maternity leave the mandate is proposing.

Ivanka is committed to empowering women, who she has said are, “central to economic growth and job creation.”  Affordable child care will ensure that women have more choices when it comes to providing for and protecting those they love the most. 

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