Ivanka 2024?

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Ivanka Trump is a successful businesswoman in her own right. As the new First Daughter, she is taking on an unprecedented role in the White House. So what does this mean for her future?

What if it meant she is on track to become America’s first female president?

After Donald Trump won the election-Ivanka made some important decisions. She stepped away from the Trump organization. She also announced her leave of absence from her own apparel and accessories company.

Mainstream media has suggested that Ivanka will be the “interim” First Lady. A suggestion she denied in her 20/20 interview:

“There’s one first lady, and Melania will be an unbelievable first lady. I’m incredibly proud of her. She’s intelligent, warm, caring. She’s a remarkable person.”

She has many issues that she is passionate about. And she is helping to create policies that make sense.

Considering the recent “Women’s March” fiasco, it’s ironic that one of those polices is….

Child Care and Maternity Leave

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Ivanka was a key contributor to this plan. As a wife and mother, she wanted more benefits for women and families. The plan offers “new mothers six weeks of paid maternity leave, tax deductions for stay-at-home parents, and dependent care savings accounts for families.”

She has addressed the need for equal pay between men and women.

Ivanka worked hard to help make the Trump Organization a success. She has learned a great deal about business from her father.

Shortly after he was elected, Ivanka sat in on the meeting between her father and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. The media criticized her presence at the meeting as being a “conflict of interest.”

But we think it means something completely different. Who better to carry on President Trump’s legacy of creating jobs and global partnerships?

Her speech at the Republican National Convention gave us a glimpse into what matters to her. It also conveyed her passion and love for America.

Ivanka Trump is polished, poised, and business savvy. A shining example of what women can do in America. 

Most importantly-she is known for following in her father footsteps.

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