“Keep America Great”

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In 2016, millions of Americans had the opportunity to vote for Donald Trump and “Make America Great Again.” Now, it looks like voters will get their chance to “Keep America Great” in 2020. Just 100 days into his presidency, Trump has already raised an unprecedented amount of money to make it happen.

The president actually declared his intent to run again in four years shortly after taking the oath of office in January. Since then his campaign committees have been full steam ahead. In the last three months, the Donald J. Trump for President, Trump Victory, and Trump Make America Great Again Committee have raised nearly $14 million dollars-per the FEC filings.

The Republican National Committee has said they have raised just over $40 million since the beginning of the year, however, they have not yet filed their quarterly report. The three campaign committees reported that the majority of funds have come from the sale of Trump merchandise, such as hats, t-shirts, and bumper stickers.

The money raised for President Trump’s re-election is a great deal larger than the $16 million s raised by Obama and the DNC in 2009.  A recently released Washington Post/ABC poll revealed that President Trump remains…

Popular with His Supporters

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Speaking to Vox about the money President Trump has raised, former FEC employee Bob Biersack noted that he “had never seen this kind of fundraising in 30 years.” He attributed at least part of the success to the excitement of Trump supporters.

“His supporters are fired up and ready to go- and to raise this kind of money now via donations on the web is cheap and easy. It basically costs the campaign nothing to do, so they probably said, “Why not?”

With Americans finally getting back to work and their communities becoming safer, it’s not hard to see why they are energized. For years, they had to sit back and watch their country being systematically eroded by leftist elites. President Trump has brought hope back and is delivering the change that Obama promised, but never delivered. Why wouldn’t they vote for Trump in 2020? Who knows, maybe they’ll be voting Ivanka 2024 too.

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