This Is Not the News President-Elect Trump Was Looking Forward To


Key authorities among radical circles in Syria had a special welcoming message for Trump. Abdullah al-Muhaisny is confident that a Trump presidency is going to expose the West’s hatred of Muslims.

Trump’s call to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. will empower radicals to join forces in the battle against west Islam’s destruction policy. Trump’s statements inspired a propaganda that’s calling on Muslims to abandon life abroad and flock to the territories.

“Trump’s victory is an important step towards the victory of the Sunnis,” said Abdullah al-Muhaisny

“We have long tried to explain that the fight is not against terrorism, but against the Sunnis, and the mujahideen are just the frontline. The American strategy will not change much, what has changed is that the war is open and not secret, and that is a good thing.”

He said in a tweet, “Trump reveals the real mentality of the Americans and their racism towards Muslims and Arabs and everything. He only reveals what his predecessors have kept hidden.”

According to Muhaisny, Trump’s victory will lead to “bloody battles and great chaos.” He hopes that Trump’s strategy of “exclusion and crushing opponents” will lead to greater division in America.

Horror and Fear Strikes the Muslim World as Trump Wins

However, Muslims across Asia weren’t happy about Trump’s victory.

‘I am disappointed to see Donald Trump winning, because Hillary Clinton is a good woman. She is good for Pakistan and Muslims all over the world,’ said Ishaq Khan, 32.

‘She was talking about world peace – but Trump was talking about fighting against Muslims.’

Trump announced his ban for Muslims plan in December last year.

‘I am very concerned that the relationship between the U.S. and Muslim countries will become tense again,’ said Diete, 47.


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