ISIS-Supporting News Tells Fellow Muslims To Avoid “Gathering Places Of Crusaders…”


ISIS News Agency Warns Future Attacks. An ISIS-supporting news agency told followers to avoid “gathering places of the Crusaders” because “thousands of lonely lions” are gearing up to kill civilians all over the world.

ISIS Video | Photo Credit Heavy

The Nashir News Agency said that anyone in America, France, Russia, Britain, Canada, Australia and Belgium (anyone “outside the Caliphate”) has been warned of “daily blessed attacks” by Islamic lone wolves.

The statement said that ISIS attackers will “explode, run over people by vehicle and cut off their necks in any time.”

ISIS Prepares Evil “Surprises,” Worst Days

Manchester Attack | Photo Credit The Globe

Daily Mail reports:

“It comes as the terror group’s online magazine said the focus of its followers has shifted to carrying out attacks on Crusader soil.”

“In a section of the Nashir warning titled ‘O! You Crusaders!’, the author addresses people outside the Islamic State by saying: ‘You have started the aggression against us … and you will pay costly for that’. It adds: ‘The Islamic State haven’t started the war against you, as your governments and media imagine.”

“We have prepared for you worst days, surprises after surprises, and to answer the call of targeting the crusader’s countries thousands of lonely lions have been prepared in your countries and have sold their bodies and souls for the sake of Allah.”

Manchester Attack Preview Of Worse Events

Manchester Police | Photo Credit Fox News

The Issue reports:

“ISIS warned that the latest Manchester bombing not three weeks ago was just a preview of what’s coming soon, mocking the benefit concert and promising more/bloodier attacks in the near future.”

“The magazine promises surprise after surprise (as in Islamic terrorist attacks) in Europe, Canada and America while telling its followers to steer clear from the gathering places of the Crusaders. Again, that would be you. People in Russia, America, Canada, France, UK, Australia and Belgium, basically all those outside the Caliphate should expect daily blessed attacks from jihadists.”

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