ISIS Proves “Not That Smart” As They Lose Chance At Radioactive Bomb

By Brock Swinson | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-07-28

ISIS Had Access To Dirty Bomb Ingredients For 3 Years

ISIS, Raqqa | Photo Credit NBC

New reports indicate that ISIS has come dangerously close to possibly obtaining a radioactive dirty bomb. The ingredients to make the bomb were apparently available for three years, but they didn’t know how to make the bomb.

After ISIS took Mosul, there were tanks and guns that ISIS could have taken control of, many American-made. Within the supply of military weapons, there were also supplies of cobalt-60, which is a radioactive substance for cancer treatment that can also be used to build a dirty bomb.

ISIS Unaware Of Dirty Bomb Ingredients

ISIS Baghdad | Photo Credit Daily Beast

The Daily Caller reports:

“ISIS apparently stumbled upon the radioactive substance possibly without even know what they had. It was locked away in a storage room on a college campus contained in heavy shielding when ISIS took over the area.”

“When Iraq Security Forces retook the campus earlier this year, they found the cobalt-60 still in storage, providing a major relief to security officials and experts who had been tracking its location.”

“We are very relieved that these two, older albeit still dangerous, cobalt 60 sources were not found and used by Daesh [ISIS]. They were recovered intact recently,” said the Institute for Science and International Security, a think tank which compiled a dossier on the substance’s whereabouts beginning in 2015, in a report published on Saturday.”

ISIS Claims To Have Radioactive Materials In Past

ISIS | Photo Credit CNN

The Daily Mail writes:

“Fears were intensified in late 2014 when ISIS claimed it had obtained radioactive material and then last year when they took over laboratories at the same Mosul college campus with the apparent aim of building new weapons.”

“A November 2015 draft report found that the radioactive cores of the material, when new, ‘contained about nine grams of pure cobalt-60 with a potency of more than 10,000 curies — a standard measure of radioactivity.”

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