Turkish Police Arrest Scouting Terrorist

Suspected Terrorist | Photo Credit AP Turkish police just detained a Russian national who they believe was planning a terror attack against US forces and NATO on the Incirlik air base. The suspect, Renad Bakiev, was arrested in Adana, Turkey.

The US Air Force has been using this base to prepare for air campaigns against ISIS sites in both Syria and Iraq for the past two years. Surveillance revealed Bakiev scouting the area to plan attack so they swooped in to stop him.

During an interrogation, the police said he admitted surveying the base and revealed he had iintended to attack the Alevi community in Adana City as well.

Detained In Adana Due To Suspicious Activity

ISIS Drones | Photo Credit NY Post

ABC News reports:

“Renad Bakiev was detained in the southern city of Adana over suspicions that he plotted to crash an American aircraft or attack the Incirlik air base using a drone, Adana police said in a statement. Turkish private news agency Dogan said a court later ordered him formally arrested pending a trial.”

“Bakiev also intended to attack the local Alevi community in Adana city, the statement said. It said he was affiliated with IS and had previously traveled to Syria. The Alevi religious minority is an offshoot of Shia Islam and is the largest religious group in Turkey after Sunnis. IS regards Alevis as heretics.”

ISIS-Affiliated Man Captured By Police

Suspected Terrorist | Photo Credit AP

The New York Post writes:

“The ISIS-affiliated man, who has traveled to Syria, also intended to attack the local Alevi community in Adana, authorities said. The Alevi religious minority, an offshoot of Shia Islam, is the largest religious group in Turkey after Sunnis. ISIS considers Alevis as heretics.”

“During questioning, Bakiev allegedly defended the need to kill Alevis, whom he called “enemies of Allah,” a police statement said. He also admitted to reconnoitering the air base for his strike after a previous attempt he made to attack Americans failed, according to Dogan.”

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