Iran Threatens To Reboot Nuclear Program To Challenge President Trump

By Brock Swinson | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-08-17

Iran’s President Warns Nuclear Confrontation

President Hassan Rouhani | Photo Credit NTEB

On Tuesday, Iran’s President warned that they may restart their nuclear program “within hours or days” if the Trump administration continued its confrontation policies in regards to the Islamic Republic.

President Hassan Rouhani’s response implied fresh sanctions within Iran’s ballistic missile program. Trump’s pledge to undo the 2015 Iran agreement which also suspended the country from making nuclear bombs.

Rouhani said that “sanctions and bullying” by the Trump administration was the same type of “failed policies that forced their predecessors to the negotiation table” which lead the nuclear deal.

Iran May Begin Nuclear Activities

Nuclear Bomb | Photo Credit WikiMedia

The Los Angeles Times writes:

“Rouhani said Iran could quickly resume its nuclear activities and increase its quantities of enriched uranium — a precursor to building a nuclear bomb — to levels higher than before the agreement.”

“If they want to return to the previous position, definitely, not within a week or a month, but within hours or days, we will be back to a much more advanced stage than we were during our last negotiations,” the state IRNA news agency quoted Rouhani as saying.”

“Rouhani has staked his presidency on the nuclear deal, and won reelection this year in part because the agreement remains widely popular in Iran, even among anti-Western hard-liners who believe it averted a military confrontation with the U.S.”

Iran President That Nuclear Deal “Model For Peace”

Donald Trump | Photo Credit Time

BBC reports:

“In a speech to parliament on Tuesday, Iran’s president stressed that Iran wanted to abide by its commitments under the nuclear deal, which he called a “model of victory for peace and diplomacy.”

“If they want to go back to that experience, definitely in a short time – not weeks or months, but in the scale of hours and days – we will return to our previous situation very much stronger.”

“He said the world had seen clearly that under President Trump the US was “not a good partner or a reliable negotiator”, noting that he had said he would withdraw from the Paris climate accord and reverse parts of an agreement with Cuba.”

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