Artist Group ‘InDecline’ Creates A Vile Exhibit In Trump International Hotel Room


A rogue artist group called Indecline used live rats in an anti-Trump exhibit. And they did it in the president’s own Trump International Hotel.

Photo credit | NY Daily News

Last week, members of Indecline spent countless hours and hundreds of dollars to trash President Trump in one of his hotels. To execute their plan, they built a cage that resembles a jail cell and trapped live rats in the garbage piles in Brooklyn.

Next, the group scored a one room suite at Trump International in Manhattan. A room, that with a 30% discount, still costs $800 a night. Which, according to their spokesman, “is pricey” but what they’ve come to expect from “a piece of s**t,” like Trump.

Reportedly, group members worked around the clock, with little sleep, to make their statement about President Trump. Included in the nauseating display, was a Trump-like figure sitting in the mock jail cell surrounded by live rats. McDonald’s wrappers littered the floor surrounding the figure.

On the wall behind the presidential impostor, a mock poster reads: “Rats will eat anything even their rat king.”

Indecline-Trump International-rats
Photo credit | Urban Art

“We feel like he really is the embodiment of a rat in every way, shape or form,” said a cowardly member who asked to remain anonymous. “He’s the lowest of the low and we felt to imprison him with his own breed is only right.”

In addition, Indecline placed portraits around the room representing people they consider as American revolutionaries. People like, Noam Chomsky, Muhammad Ali, Edward Snowden and Angela Davis were among them.

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